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Infrared Sauna Benefits
Health | Performance

Top Infrared Sauna Benefits for Health and Performance

Infrared saunas are heating up in popularity as more and more people are discovering their sizzling health benefits. Unlike traditional saunas, which heat the air around you, infrared saunas heat your body directly using infrared rays. This infrared heating produces a deeper, more rejuvenating sweat and a steaming dose of health benefits for the mind…

Ice Bath Benefits
Performance | Health

Ice Bath Benefits – The Science, How-To, and More

The thought of submerging yourself in a tub of ice-cold water may induce a shiver in your soul, but research suggests that cold exposure, specifically through an ice bath, has many benefits for recovery and overall health. Ice bath benefits include improved immunity, reduced post-workout soreness and pain, improved mental well-being, and more. In this…

Best Infrared Saunas
Performance | Health

Best 7 Infrared Sauna and Sauna Blankets of 2023

Sauna has many benefits for the mind and body, including better heart health, weight loss, reduced pain and soreness, and more. Infrared saunas have exploded in popularity as a convenient and affordable way to enjoy the benefits of heat from the comfort of home. In this article, I rank and review the best infrared saunas and…

Technology in Fitness
Technology | Performance

7 Technology in Fitness Trends Redefining The Industry in 2023

The pandemic brought major changes to industries across the world, and the health and fitness industry is no exception. Lockdowns brought the world to a grinding halt and saw gyms shut and in-person fitness classes drop to record lows. More than ever people were looking for alternative solutions to track their health, keep fit, and…

Physical Benefits of Meditation
Health | Mind

8 Science-Backed Physical Benefits of Meditation for 2023

Many people already know about the vast psychological benefits of meditation, however, did you know that there are also many physical benefits of meditation? Research suggests that those who practice meditation benefit from reduced pain, improved rest, reduction in inflammatory health diseases, and overall better heart health. In this blog post, we will take a…

Best Ice Bath Tubs
Performance | Health

8 Best Ice Bath Tubs & Cold Plunges for Cold Recovery 2023

Thanks to increasing scientific data about the mental and physical benefits of deliberate cold exposure, as well as the efforts of celebrity advocates such as Wim Hof and Joe Rogan, we’ve also seen an explosion in the public popularity of at-home ice bathtubs. But ice baths come in various sizes, styles, and price points that…